Нэмэгдсэн: 2015-06-05 02:13:00

Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (FRC) and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group are hosting a seminar in Ulaanbaatar, today where board members, brokers, minority investors, and professional associations discuss international best practice in conducting effective annual shareholders meeting and its impact on the governance of Mongolian listed companies in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, March 27, 2015.

The seminar, which is titled “Annual Shareholders Meeting: Practices, Requirements, Current and Future trends” , will address a number of key factors for success and effective annual meetings, including proper procedures and preparation, listing and disclosure regulations, and content and quality of the annual reports of listed companies.

An annual shareholders meeting, or an annual general meeting, is an important corporate event for shareholders of listed companies to interact with the company management. It helps the shareholders, large and small, review financial and operational information, articulate their concerns, as well as understand the future direction of the company.

“Protecting the rights of investors and market players is one of Financial Regulatory Commission’s mandates. Organizing success annual shareholders meetings are an important way to ensure that basic rights of shareholders are met”, said Z. Narantuya, Chair of the FRC. “The quality of such meetings in Mongolian companies is improving, but we believe that this seminar will help address some persist challenges.”

FRC and IFC have previously partnered to amend the Mongolian Corporate Governance Code and drafted sample corporate documents for listed companies.

“Good corporate governance is most needed in emerging markets like Mongolia so the local firms can enhance their competitiveness and get better access to funding,” said Tuyen Nguyen, IFC Resident Representative in Mongolia. “IFC is keen to promote compliance and best practice in corporate governance in order to build sustainable businesses and create jobs in the country.”

In Mongolia, IFC EAP Corporate governance program is financed by Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs /SECO/ from June 2014.